Here are some resources to help educate about the Holocaust, the importance of remembering, and stopping genocide.


Six Million Dots (PDF) This can be used to show what six million really looks like. The PDF has a cover page followed by six million dots. Six million dots takes up 553 pages of 28,170 lines. Also see one dot and one page of dots. Click here for more statistics about six million dots.
Please note: This visual is most effective when printed out. Viewing just the PDF does not adequately show the magnitude of six million. Many online printing services will bind the book just a few dollars more than having it printed.
You are free to use this in any way connected to Holocaust remembrance. Credit to Each of Us Has a Name is always appreciated, but not required.
List of Holocaust Victims for Yom HaShoah This document features over 6,000 names from Each of Us Has a Name's database divided into half-sheets of paper with 10 names per half-sheet. These lists are ideal for any memorial service, specifically Yom HaShoah, in which Mourner's Kaddish will be recited.


Yad Vashem Yad Vashem is Jerusalem's Holocaust museum. It has information about the Holocaust, survivors, gentiles, and even has a database of 3 million victim's names.
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C's official website. This site has information about the museum as well as countless resources about the Holocaust and genocide.
Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center The Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center website has information about the museum as well as information about the Holocaust, its victims, survivors, and genocide today.
My Jewish Legacy Created by Elyse Bodenheimer for her Bat Mitzvah project, My Jewish Legacy is a project that preserves the memories of Holocaust survivors. In Elyse's own words, "I hope to spread the idea to others about how everyone can learn and be inspired by the courage shown by these amazing stories". To find out more about My Jewish Legacy, visit
How many is that? How many is that? takes huge numbers associated with tragedies (such as the 6 million Jews who died in the Holocaust) and breaks them down into more comprehensible examples to prevent these numbers from becoming faceless masses and make them more human.

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