Abram Chaskiel Klajnlerer

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Born: September 22, 1923 in Lodz, Poland
Died: August 5, 1942 in Auschwitz
Yahrzeit: 22 Av

Lived: Brussels, Belgium

Gender: male

Father: Symcka Binem
Mother: Estera Laja Katz

About Abram Klajnlerer:
The Germans lied to the Belgians saying that the young adults would be taken to work in the fields in the summer, and if the youngsters didn't go the Germans would take their parents. The train did not go to the fields, it went to Auschwitz.

Only sibling to survive WWII, Denyse (Devorah Mindele Klajnlerer) Grode of Florida. The Book: Memorial de la Deportation des Juifs de Belgique. Also in 1990 at Yad Vashem we were told that he (and sister Sara Ryvka Klajnlere) was on the first transport from Belgium to Auschwitz leaving 8/4/1942 and arriving on 8/5/1942, and that everyone from the first transport went straight into the gas chambers. [This entry is submitted by his niece, Desiree L. Grode of Chicago, IL, USA].

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