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Zweig Gustav
Born: July 31, 1930
Died: October 4, 1944
Yahrzeit: 17 Tishri
Zosa Hirschsohn
Born: June 19,1917
Died: 1941
Yahrzeit: 17 Elul*
Zlata Jambro
Born: December 23,1896
Died: 1941
Yahrzeit: 11 Tevet*
Zlata Pente
Born: May 6,1914
Died: July, 1941
Yahrzeit: 27 Heshvan*
Zlata Pokermann
Born: June 30,1901
Died: July, 1941
Yahrzeit: 22 Sivan*
Zlata Trembe
Born: March 27,1904
Died: 1941
Yahrzeit: 28 Nisan*
Zlata Ulmann
Born: May 1,1902
Died: July 3, 1941
Yahrzeit: 17 Sivan
Zjama Kotljar
Born: April 15,1918
Died: 1941
Yahrzeit: 25 Tammuz*
Ziwje Friedman
Born: January 14,1937
Died: 1941
Yahrzeit: 6 Sivan*
Ziwje Gilinov
Born: February 14,1923
Died: 1941
Yahrzeit: 26 Av*
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