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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Each of Us Has a Name! We have many opportunities for you. Read the descriptions of all of the ways you can get involved and then fill out this form to get started:

Research names in Yad Vashem's database

Yad Vashem is Jerusalem's Holocaust museum and has the largest central database of the names of Holocaust victims. They have around 3 million names, along with other information such as their place of residence, date of birth, date of death, etc. This task would involve systematically copying names from Yad Vashem into Each of Us Has a Name (Yad Vashem has given us permission to do this). You will recieve instructions on how to access a list of names to add to avoid duplication as much as possible.

Brainstorm new ideas to add to the Ways to Remember page

This one involves a little more creativity than the last one. There are currently two pages that have suggestions on ways to remember people (Ways to Remember and the FAQ page) posted on Each of Us Has a Name. Although these are some suggestions, there is no limit to the number of ways people can be mourned and remembered. This task would involve coming up with new ideas of ways to mourn and remember people from a Jewish, other religious, or even non-religious perspective.

Write a poem about the Holocaust, remembrance, or anything else that relates to Each of Us Has Name

Poems have a way of inspiring people in a special way. If you have a passion for writing (or think you could write a nice poem), this is for you. The poem can be about anything related to Each of Us Has a Name, and, if selected, may be posted somewhere on the website. An example poem is "We will always remember" by Zak Kolar. It can be found on the about page.

Any other ideas that you have

Although the above list has many suggestions of ways to get involved, there are plenty of more un-thought-of ideas. If you can think of anything that you can do that would improve Each of Us Has a Name, let us know. We would love to hear about it!

Now that you know your options...

You can fill out this form to tell us what you are interested in doing. We will be in touch soon via email. We can't wait to hear from you!

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